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its business as usual until either us or customers have issues with the disease

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effects of covids on work!!!

With the current viral problems around the world at this moment we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning are sharing our procedures that deal with keeping viruses at bay.

we have always have viewed the health of your home, business, employees and family as paramount.

freshly laundered towels and cloths

on every site we have visited over the last 12 years we have prided ourselves with the use of freshly laundered towels. 

using fresh towels have not only allowed us to deliver clean windows but keep your home or business healthy

this includes microfibers and chux cloths used in other forms of cleaning

all cloths and towels are cleaned with di-san/ nappysan and where weather permits are sun-dried to provide maximum disinfection 

in commercial cleaning applications the fresh cloths we use are colour coded to avoid cross contamination 

personal attention

  • handwashing- disinfectant where water not available, soap where water available
  • we accept jobs where outside work is required
  • if working inside we keep our distance
  • wearing of disposable gloves in your house 

tool sanitation

as we move between homes and when we return to the vehicle in commercial services we are  chlorine-sanitizing our tools so as we can reduce the risk of transferring viruses

water in our bucket is now being changed where possible   

questions and requests 

while we are setting the bar as high as possible in sanitary conditions, we are happy to answer any questions or attempt  to fulfill any reasonable requests in our procedures, call us to find out more