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"it's business as usual until either us or customers have issues with the condition "

-a1 terryfic

effects of covids on work!!!

With the effects of the covids practically behind us at this moment here in Toowoomba, we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning are still working hard to keep all viruses at bay.

we have always have viewed the health of your home, business, employees, and family as paramount.

please consider our procedures to keep your home and business a healthy place.

freshly laundered towels and cloths

on every site we have visited over the last 12 years we have prided ourselves with the use of freshly laundered towels.

using fresh towels have not only allowed us to deliver clean windows but keep your home or business healthy

this includes microfibers and chux cloths used in other forms of cleaning

all cloths and towels are cleaned with di-san/ nappy san and where weather permits are sun-dried to provide maximum disinfection.

In commercial cleaning applications, the fresh cloths we use are colour coded to avoid cross-contamination 

our masking policy

in Queensland, it is recognized that rigorous is an exemption to mask-wearing .

if people don't agree with this stipulation we invite you to spend an afternoon window cleaning with us

the other thing for us to consider when wearing masks is the sanitation of the mask, especially when using water that may splash on the mask, withthe water that comes off many windows containing things like bird poo and spit ending up in the bucket and then ending up being slashed, would you want to end up breathing that all day

our resposibility

  • handwashing- disinfectant where water not available, soap where water available
  • we accept jobs where outside work is required
  • if working inside we keep our distance
  • we keep disposable gloves in our van so you can request us to wear them if your concerned
  • fresh water at all homes in our bucket
  • tools sanitised as needed

we dont want to know your medications

while there is talk about peoples medication we at a1 terryfic have made the decision not to talk about peoples medication as we believe that it is not our business.

we don't care if you use ivermectin, Comirnaty, hydroxychloroquine, covishield, or even rectinol we're never going to ask and we won't answer if we do!!!