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We are in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

while we would love to clean windows in other places, we are only equipped to clean windows in the areas around Toowoomba Queensland, Australia

so while we would like to answer requests for window cleaning in places like Hawaii, we apologize we cant make it.



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why a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning?

we at a1 terryfic solar and window cleaning in Toowoomba have been perfecting the art of window cleaning since 2008. In this time we have adopted cost and water-efficient water-fed technology. Water-efficient technology has enabled us to become pioneers in solar cleaning. we have solutions for some of Toowoomba's most challenging windows.  we have always highly viewed your health and hygiene seriously.

we respect your home by

we have always removed our shoes on entering your home. we always ask your permission when entering rooms. we have always prided ourselves with the use of freshly laundered towels

terryfic service

we believe in using quality tools, including leading-edge wagtail brand. we have been perfecting the art of window cleaning for over 12 years 

terryfic value

we are the real deal, we are not a franchise so we don't add fees. we have the latest tech adding to our efficiency. we don't waste money on ineffective advertising


We at a1 Terryfic solar and window cleaning believe that what is good, is good, but being at the latest edge of development is essential to giving the best clean.

some innovations we have been early adopters for include:-

  • waterfed, multi-story window cleaning
  • solar cleaning
  • smart glass / low-e glass cleaning ability


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